Trading Pass Guide

Trading Pass is one of the most important things on Habbo,
By having it, you can trade furni and coins with other habbo players.
It is vital for members of Virtual Intelligence to get the Trading Pass in order for them to claim their pay.


Step 1

To check your progress obtaining the trading pass, you would have to check your Talent track.
To do that, simply just click on your avatar's head on the bottom left of the screen, and click "Talents".

Step 2:
Your Talent track should then appear on your screen as seen in the image above, you should see several tasks on it that you will have to complete.
For your first stage, you would have to read the Safety tips.

Step 3:
Now that you have completed your first stage, it's time to move on to the second.
For your second stage, you are required to complete 4 achievements:
Changing your looks for the first time.
Spend a total of 30 minutes in the hotel.
Give 2 respects to other Habbos.
Visit 5 rooms in the Hotel.

All these achievements can be done in at least 30 minutes and should not take that long.

Step 4:
This is the last stage before you get your trading pass!
In this stage you will only have to complete 3 achievements:

Be on Habbo for 1 day.
Spend a total of 60 minutes in the Hotel.
Visit 20 rooms in the Hotel.
Tip: I would suggest AFKing inside the VI base for 1-hour online time

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