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It's in the leaf under Chee (IGOT7x)'s name in OOTM!

WINNA WINNA - that was so

WINNA WINNA - that was so quick, i tried to make it hard >:(


We really don't celebrate four seasons in our country (Philippines), but I love fall and the idea of pumpkin spice latte while reading a book wearing a scarf and knitted sweater near a fireplace. It's so cozy! I also love the golden leaves while riding a bicycle, OMG. My idea of fall is so book-like HAHAHAHA! I hope you guys enjoy your autumn/fall season!

  cute gb


cute gb

Well Done!

Well done guys! Congrats to all the WOTM, AOTM and alsooo OOTM! We did a great job too! Congrats VI!!! Love you guys!

Nice congratulations

Nice congratulations

Favorite thing about fall...

My birthday :)

well done !!!

well done everyone! congrats to all the wotm, aotm, and ootm!! <3

I love Fall because people

I love Fall because people stop judging me for wearing thick hoodies and black.

I love FALL

congratz to those who received promotion!

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