VI Newsletter November 2020

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VI Newsletter November 2020

winner !!!!!!!!!

winner !!!!!!!!!


the snowflame is near appiecider!! On his left❤️

The last page big snowflake

The last page big snowflake and the biggest snowflake next to appiecider

The last page big snowflake

The last page big snowflake and the biggest snowflake next to appiecider

Answer Me!

I look forward to winter in December! I love warm things like  blankets, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks AND CANDLES especially holiday scented ones

First question

I would like to receive any gift boxes for my christmas :3 and a sincere not along with that



Christmas is the best!!

Thanks for newsletter! I really love Christmas, the itme of giving and receiving UwU 

For Christmas, my favorite gifts have always been exciting videogames, chocolate and love. I will look forward all the way through December to wish people good Christmas, spend time with the people most important to me and enjoy the snow <3


congrats to everyone who has been working hard <3 


3 things I'd like to receive on Christmas are money 💰, backpack, and shoes ❤️ What I look forward for December is the cold breeze of the christmas air ❄️

I look forward to hot cocoa,

I look forward to hot cocoa, and winter days. I also woud like snow. 

Answer Me!

1. The 3 things I want to receive are physical money put in angpao, e-wallet cash (e.g. PayPal, GCash, PayMaya) and Habbo Credits/Diamonds. 🤣 So I can finally have savings and get ready for the fees I will be paying during face to face classes and hanging out with my friends. 🥰

2. What I'm looking forward to December is hapiness and less pressure on studies. I am also looking forward for Habbo to hear the voices of their community and should not be a capitalist as well as having a favoritism, anti black market / whole-hearted donations. 🙄


i only want money, marsu's love and candy in life

i am looking forward to CHRISTMASSSSSS Obv, have not started decorating my room, i should probably go and do that! Aaaaa and shopping around at Target or walmart for all those christmas decorations so cute


I love you

U already got my love, hun ❤️❤️❤️

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