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Seeds for Growth


by appIecider

It was around mid-week of July 2020 when I joined Virtual Intelligence. I only joined because my friends: Mediotic, txmxthy, chachago and sid.jpeg worked here. Agencies were not my thing because I used to play retros like Fresh, Boon and Hangout (not a promotion) where there are lots of events and wired games. Funny reason why we turned back to Habbo is because our circle got banned, we were trolling, fought with the staff, and more room trashing. After few weeks, more of our friends transferred here and it was the best bits of 2020. I also joined Department of Events and hosted games almost everyday. I remember the hosts being competitive with time slots, sometimes, the whole day is booked and I have to book the other day lmao. I encountered lots of different personalities, different nationalities, and different principles within the base. I made a new circle of friends (Aia!, yeetedt, wynnnnn, and ..Mar) and I'm very thankful to meet them. There were some people that I found intimidating first then it turns out they are nice and soft uwu. If Sims, Meag, and Lyn reads this, I just want to know that you're all scary at first LOOOOL. But I became closer with them slightly now that I'm a part of administration, they're all crackheads and a little uglee. The person that I will never forget here is Suba, A WHOLE ANGEL. Her words are so kind, comforting, something that you need when you feel down. If you ever feel sad, just talk to Suba (sac50) she's kinda unresponsive sometimes though, smh. Few months after, little by little, we keep on decreasing because some schools and workplace have re-opened. Some transferred to a different agency and some quit because of personal reasons.

If you feel that this is like a farewell message, that's true. As we all know, Habbo is now moving to a whole new system. It's not that I don't like it, it's more like of its unavailability. I cannot go in the client, it's just loading and never makes any progress. Added to that, is my life being a chaotic and a lot busier than ever. As I write this, I realized that I've been playing habbo and retros added for almost 9 years. That's damn long, fun-filled years. I don't know if I will completely quit yet but in case I cannot go in the client and the community is literally dead, this should serve as my farewell message lmao. I also want to try new things as I grow up. I'm now a young adult and I feel like I barely achieved anything. I promised to myself that I would learn a musical instrument this quarantine but I didn't lol. I promised that I would start writing a story but I didn't XD. I feel like I'm missing out on lots of things and I need to prepare for the harsh realities. 

If I do come back, I hope Virtual Intelligence is still here, I hope Meag and Tyler are still here. This agency is a big part of my 2020 and I'm mad attached to the community. You're all nice and supportive. I never thought I would reach ADM because I'm a lazy grinder and AFK most of the time. I will not say "bye" because as much as possible I will still try to go online and maybe I will be posting another article and forum competition (stay tuned!). Let's hope that I get to access the new HabboV2 and still continue my stuff here. This has been appIecider (Lance) and I will hopefully see you guys on the next DOI post.

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