Help & Advice: Taking care of your mental health in Corona Times

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Help & Advice: Taking care of your mental health in Corona Times

Taking care of your mental health in Corona Times


Let’s be honest here. Over the past month or more, each one of us has had rough days emotionally. Your life changed entirely from one day to another. Your plans were canceled, you can’t meet with your favorite people anymore, you can’t go to your favorite places and don’t get me started when you see the news everyday.

Just like you take the necessary measures every time you have to make contact with the things outside your home, it’s important that you take care of your mental health too. One key fact you need to understand is that we’re going through a tough time collectively so it’s okay to feel fear, uncertainty or anger towards this situation. But it's important to control these feelings so they don’t control you.

Here’s some practical things you can do to take care of your sanity during the pandemic:

    • Find something to hope for in the future.

    • Stay in touch with your friends and family.

    • Stay updated with the news but limit the ammount of time you spend on them.

    • Talk to someone you trust if the anxiety is getting too much for you.

    • Plan your day ahead in the morning or the night before. They don’t need to be productive tasks all the time.

    • Be kind to yourself if you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to.

    • Don’t share fake news. Don’t spread panic.

    • Find ways to help and show kindness to others.

I hope these suggestions can help you out somehow, and I’m sure you can get creative implementing each one of them. If you have some other tips and tricks on how to take care of your mental health feel, free to share them in the comments!

Please stay safe


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