EXTRA ARTICLE: Road to 100 Challenge!

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EXTRA ARTICLE: Road to 100 Challenge!

Virtual Intelligence has just hosted Race to 100 Challenge! The boards were cleared and it began by October 10, 2020 at 2:47 AM GMT. Rules and guidelines are still applied to this challenge. A live update was also posted every other hour including the status of room rewards. The following rewards are listed:

1st Place - 100c + Trophy

2nd Place - 50c 

3rd Place - HC Box 

4th Place - 25c 

5th Place - 10c

On its first hour, members are determined to get those prizes as almost half or all of the working stations have been occupied. LodiGirl and Marsuu are both leading in the first place with 7 glow balls. Some of VI’s workers are just doing their daily routine and not interested in Race to 100 but did a great help for those new recruits! 

At the end of the challenge, Simmys have announced the winners: Len (len!!) was the first one to complete the 100 glow balls followed by Marsuu (85 Glow Balls), ..Mar (72 Glow Balls), LodiGirl  (71 Glow Balls), and epic129 (56 Glow Balls)

We are hoping that everyone had fun with the challenge and are happy with their prizes. There are more race challenges to come and we are wanting you to be part of it! 



you forgot

Some extra tea here: At some point everyone was fried, so they all left except for Len.

Epic tried so hard to make it past 55 to beat the habbo that was on 5th place for way too many hours.

Len started losing her mind by the glowball #70.

Len realized she wasn't competing against anyone anymore so we lost her for like 15 mins and then she came back for her final 5 balls or so.

It was exciting to follow the whole thing lol. We were all letting her get the points at 9mins, poor len. Congrats to all!!! One day the timezone will favour me and I'll be amongst the first 5 -w-

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